Regulations on the procedure for reviewing

The Editorial Board of the journal «Вести Автомобильно-дорожного института = Bulletin of the Automobile and Highway Institute» reviews materials submitted to the Editorial Office.

Reviewers are recognized experts in scientific fields relevant to the topics of the articles being reviewed, and are guided by the principles of science, objectivity, professionalism and impartiality.

The reviewer warns the editors about the presence of a conflict of interest (if any) before starting to work with the article.

The reviewer cannot be the author or co-author of the manuscript under review.

The deadlines of reviewing in each individual case are determined taking into account the creation of conditions for the fastest possible publication of the article.

Each manuscript is evaluated by the reviewer with regard to the following criteria:
           – scientific novelty;
           – scientific validity of the results;
           – significance of the results;
           – consistency and clarity of presentation of the material;
           – quality of manuscript design.

The reviewer provides comments on each point, as well as additional comments, suggestions and general arguments for the conclusion. The reviewer points out specifically what needs to be improved. The reviewer makes a conclusion: «Strongly recommended for publication», «Recommended for publication», «Conditionally recommended for publication» (the manuscript can be accepted for publication only with appropriate revision by the authors) or «Not recommended for publication».

Reviewing is carried out anonymously. The review is provided to the author of the article without a signature or indicating the name, position, or place of work of the reviewer. Violation of anonymity is possible only in cases of consent of the reviewer, a statement by the reviewer about plagiarism or falsification of materials presented in the article.

If the review contains recommendations for the revision the article, the person responsible for publishing the journal sends the text of the review to the author with a proposal to take into account the recommendations when preparing a new version of the article or to refute them in a reasoned way. The article, revised by the author, is sent for re-review.

If there is a positive review, the final decision on the advisability of publication is made by the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board informs the authors about the decision to publish the article.

If the manuscript does not meet the requirements of the journal, the editors of the publication send copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors. Reviews are kept in the journal Editorial Office for five years.